November – month of withering and announcer of arrival of winter. We are far, far away from summer and winter is already at our doorstep. Here is brief overview of what work in November is awaiting you. you should do with your honeybee colonies to assure pleasant conditions for harshness of winter.

Slowly, but surely honeybees work less and less and onceĀ  temperature is below 10 Celsius, honeybees will remain inside the hive. They will form a cluster around queen in center of the hive to maintain the heat, slowly starting to live off the provided storage of food from previous months.

During this month, as it was before these climate changes, season would officially end. Simply because this is the month when there officially would be no more brood. Considering unusual weather, we might need to make few changes regarding duties at our apiaries. Nevertheless, here is what you should do from work in November at your apiary.

Achieve establishing optimal peace at colony and protection of colonies from wildlife (such are bears and boars) which might harm them – intentionally or unintentionally;

Oxalic acid treatment against varroa. Since there is no more brood, varroa will remain on bodies of honeybees, which makes it very vulnerable. Treatment with oxalic acid will deal final blow to the varroa providing healthy start for early spring.

– Provide good ventilation and if needed, make final arrangements for the winter.

Time to relax a after a hard-working season, before you start preparing and assembling supers and frames for new one. You may invest free time into some heavy or light reading. Just as well as you can start with our Fun Facts to help you understand how amazing Honeybees really are. Have a great following season!

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