April is month of intensive development of your colonies, as this is month in which there are various beneficial blossoms, which makes it great time to renew your combs. This is month in which, in this part of the globe, preparations for acacia honey are done. Accordingly, main  work at apiary in April is as follows:

Expansion of brood by making sure that Queen has enough space to lay larva

Preventing swarming

Shifting supers so that honey super is put on floor, and brood super goes above

Adding Queen excluders

From all of the work at Apiary in April, first two tasks are done easiest. Complete it simply by making sure to keep replacing , already built frames with frames with freshly inserted beeswax foundation. This way, you  are doing two things at once. First you will make young honeybees busy on construction of combs and will eliminate their desire to swarm.  Once combs are done, they provide more space for Queen to lay larvae. This method is perfect to prevent swarming at this part of year, considering that a lot of fruit is blossoming now, your combs would get built really fast!  Shifting supers, will help honeybees to organize their food better and increase their efficiency.

Furthermore, This is also time to add Queen excluders, to slowly form your exclusively honey supers and brood supers. As big honey harvests are behind the corner, you want to have your supers with defined roles, as soon as possible.

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