Window Woodsorrel or Oxalis articulata rubra is well known plant. It is rich in nectar which makes it much loved plant by honeybees. Windowbox woodsorrel blossoms from March to October which makes it another great source of food for honeybees and beautiful decoration to your gardens. Despite it’s heart shaped leaves, this plant is not “the shamrock“.

This beautiful flowering plant is native to Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay. Today it is cultivated as ornamental plant and can be found in gardens throught the world. It also grows in the wilderness. It is parennial plant that grows from woody rhizome. Window woodsorrel does not grow on elevations above 800m (above 0.49 miles). Interesting thing about Windowbox woodsorrel is that it does not have stem. It’s leaves are growing from the ground level on long petioles which grow up to 30 cms (11,8 inch). Leaves are most oftenly in shape of heart and they come in groups of 3. When sunlight becomes scarce, petals will close and re-open during sunlight again. Yes, this does mean that window woodsorrel’s petals stay closed over night. Window woodsorrel petals can be anywhere between white to purple or pink.

In conclusion, I would definitely recommend this as addition to your apiary. I apologize for the picture, i didn’t find time to clear grass around it. =) Make sure to check out other useful plants in Herbarium category.

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