Although Honey is first which comes to mind when beekeeping is mentioned, one should know that there are far many more products of honeybees. One of less famous product of honeybees is beeswax. It is formed into scales by eight wax-producing glands in the abdominal segment of worker honeybees. Although it may resemble to the material from which wasps build their hives, they are not the same! Wasps make their hives from cellulose, while honeybees produce wax. Besides being hive-building material, uses of beeswax are MANY!

Practical Uses of Beeswax

We will start from what is know to beekeepers. Beeswax can be melted and used to make beeswax foundations on which honeybees will build combs as well as for frame coating which will make honeybees accept your PVC frames easier! Regarding personal use with beeswax you can make: soaps, various lotions (lotion bars as well), suntan lotions, deodorant, salves, lip balm, ointment, hand and body creams as well as facial scrubs.

On the other hand, you can use beeswax in less personal way too. For example due to it’s stretchy quality and strength you can use it to make wraps for food, or you can make a cheese wax – yes beeswax is edible! You can use beeswax for waxing your furniture or shoes to give them that special glow. Beeswax is easy to mold, so many items can be crafted from it – candles for example! Beeswax can be used as a lubricant too, lubing up your thread while sewing will prevent your thread from tangling! You can apply it on various strings for maintenance – bow strings too! Beeswax has uses in more on-hand jobs too. You can even apply it over your tools to prevent moisture from damaging them. Smiths are using Beeswax too! Applying it over various metal crafts , in proper quantity will give it unique glow.
Coating wood or leather with beeswax will make them water-resistant.

Once you learn qualities of Beeswax, boundaries of it’s uses are placed by your imagination! GO WILD with it !!! Tell us your favorite uses for it, we are looking forward for it.

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