Hello, this is second time that I am writing for World of Honeybees. I came across this very wise poem about bees and thought to share with you all, as the words are lovely and helpful. It makes you think how much we should appreciate our lives and the struggles only makes us stronger. I hope that this poem will get published on “Your Stories“, so others can enjoy in it too. Title of the poem is The Bees

The Bees

Oh, mother dear, pray tell me where

The bees in winter stay?

The flowers are gone they feed upon,

So sweet in summer’s day.

My child, they live within the hive,

And have enough to eat;

Amid the storm they’re clean and warm,

Their food is honey sweet.

Say, mother dear, how came it there?

Did father feed them so?

I see no way in winter’s day

That honey has to grow.

No, no, my child; in summer mild

The bees laid up their store

Of honey-drops in little cups,

Till they would want no more.

In cups, you said—how are they made?

Are they as large as ours?

Oh, no; they’re all made nice and small,

Of wax found in the flowers.

Our summer’s day, to work and play,

Is now in mercy given,

And we must strive, long as we live,

To lay up stores in heaven.

Poem Author: Thomas Hastin /Mailed by: Zainab from United Arab Emirates

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