Hello everybody!! Really, really happy day. What started with previous statistics, we plan to continue in future too God Willingly. Today on 30th of December 2019 we are glad to announce that our international hive grew up into World Beehive. It is being followed from all over world. No less than from 192 different countries of the world. Thank you guys for all the support!!

World Beehive stats

With that being said, let us go further. Statistics for 2019 year as well show that without doubt, most visitors, this year come from USA. Considerably larger audience than previous year. Thanks guys!!

Second place is still kept by visitors from UK. Thanks mates, hope you liked that article about tea. 😀

On third place we have a slight change. On it now are visitors from South Africa, while visitors from India took 4th place. I am glad that we have such diversity of readers, that first 4 places are going to 4 different continents. Australians are positioned on 7th place, but we are glad that they too in top 10. In comparison to previous year, we have visitors from 51 more countries of the world. That means that now we have visitors from 192 different countries of the world. Considering these statistics, we declare World Of Honeybees a World Beehive! Thanks again and wish you all the best!

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