Yes, you red it well. There is natural Remedy For Hypothyroidism and I will give you full guide for to make and how to use it.

Hypothyroidism is a hormonal disorder of thyroid gland. Hypothyroidism is such such condition of thyroid gland in which gland itself not working properly and/or is not producing sufficient amount of hormones. Salt iodization has prevent hypothyroidism  in many populations, but still it is affecting masses. Worldwide over a billion people are suffering from iodine deficiency, which if not treated may lead to disorder. This condition is more often in women than men. Some of it’s symptoms are: fatigue, poor memory and concentration, feeling cold, constipation, poor apetite, hair loss, carpal tunnel syndrome and others.

Being a strong supporter of natural medicine (although everybody chooses their own path) I decided to share remedy for hypotyhroidism with you. It is known in my region as one of folk remedies.

How to Make Remedy for Hypothyroidism

To make this natural remedy, on base of honey you will need following ingredients: 40 young walnuts (before they start inner shelling, usually picked in June), 1 kg/2lbs of honey and few honey jars.

Preparation and dosage and making of it is as follows. Make multiple slices on every walnut, or cut them in halves or quarters. Add 1 kg of honey into bowl then distribute the mixture into honey jars. Leave jars in sunny place for 40 days. Honey will slowly become watery as iodine  is mixed with it. After 40 days open jars and strain the mixture, make sure you remove walnuts.

First week use it 3 times a day – 1 tablespoon  before every meal.  After 7 days it is  used just 1 tablespoon once a day, in morning.

Make sure to check out recipes for other remedies on our blog. Wish you best!

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