Cysts on ovaries and Myoma on the uterus are becoming increasingly more common female conditions, irrelevant of age. Both of mentioned conditions are related to female reproductive system. Do not worry, there is natural Remedy for Cysts and Myoma. Unlike cysts which may be harmles, myoma (uterine fibroids) can be serious too. In some serious cases, myoma may cause infertility too.

Whichever the case may be, no woman would stay indifferent to be effected by one of the two conditions. Do not worry there is remedy for cysts and myoma. It is made as combination of honey with common houseleek (Sempervivum tectorum) has been proven to be successful natural treatment of mentioned conditions.

Preparation and usage: Remedy is consisted only of the mentioned ingredients: natural honey and common house leek. Ratio of ingredients is as follows: 500g of natural honey and 300g of leaves of common houseleak. Common houseleek is grinded and combined with honey after which it is left to stay for a week in sealed jar. After several days it is ready for consumption. Remedy is to be taken a teaspoon on an empty stomach after which nothing should be eaten for next two hours.

This remedy more can be use more than once. Make sure to keep track of your  cysts and myoma regularly. You must be sure that remedy is working in your case. If it is helpful, simply make and use it again. Besides being useful for female health, this remedy also speeds up metabolism.

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