So far most people reading my blog probably realized that honey is not just type of food. But it also can help various health issues as well as it can be used in beauty care. In this article we explain how to regenerate rough and dry skin. As always, fully natural. Without pricey or unreachable, items.

Low temperatures and cold, windy weather will certainly leave a mark on your skin, in a sense that it would become rough and dry. Don’t worry! Skin regeneration is easy with this simple trick. Before reaching out for chemical-based beauty care products, I suggest that you  make your own, natural, honey-based cream, which can be used by adults and children.

How to Regenerate Rough and Dry Skin

Ingredients, procedure as well as application couldn’t be any easier to find,to follow and apply. Simply combine one tablespoon of honey, one tablespoon of yogurt  and one tablespoon of lemon juice. Stir the ingredients until their texture becomes creamy. Cream is applied on damaged part of skin for length of 15 mins, after which it is removed.

If needed again, repeat procedure following days, don’t be shy to let us know how it went in comments below. Make sure to check out other natural tricks for beauty care on our blog.

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