This Powerful Skin Balm contains so many valuable ingredients for your skin. Soothing, moisturizing, protective are perhaps best words to describe it. This balm is so soothing that it may actually help with dermatitis as well. Ingredients for it are, as always, fully natural.

It’s needles to say that when you take first look on ingredients, you can understand how healthy this balm is. Altogether they form really amazing balm that sooth, heal and protect your skin. Furthermore, it will give your skin healthy glow. It is also very great for hormonal break-outs, eczema and various types of rashes. Beeswax will create protective barrier and help your skin to retain humidity, while olive oil will make sure that it stays soft! Pollen will fight free radicals, while honey and royal jelly will boost collagen in your skin!

Preparation of powerful skin balm

This balm is very easy to make. Producing around 180 grams (around 6 oz) will take less than half an hour of your time and following ingredients: half a cup of extra virgin olive oil, 1 and half of tablespoon of beeswax, 1 tablespoon of bee pollen, 1 tablespoon of raw honey, 1/2 table spoon of propollis, 1/2 table spoon of royal jelly.

Heat up olive oil and and beeswax on stove and stir it until it is combined. Once it is combined let it cool off for a bit (4-5 minutes), but do not allow it to harden. While you are waiting for first combination to cool down, combine rest of ingredients together into separate bowl and mix them as best as you can.

Once first mixture cools pour into it this second mixture and mix them altogether again. Since density will change, best would be if you have electric mixer, but you can manually mix it with wire whisk as well. Once mixture turns to opaque, creamy mix its time to put it in jar and store in fridge. Low temperature of fridge will prevent separation of ingredients.

It is applied on dry, clean skin.

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