Male potency, one of most common  obsessions for males, especially in later age. It is the problem on which pharmaceutical industries earned a lot of money. But question on everyone’s mind is how to increase potency naturally? Well yet again, honey comes to the rescue! Read about this Powerful Remedy for Potency in the lines below.

Ingredients, preparation and use of powerful remedy for Potency

Honey stimulates production of testosterone with males which is male primary male sexual hormone which plays main role in building of male reproduction tissues, prostate and testes. Furthermore, 3 table spoons of honey, elevates nitrogen oxide compound which is found in blood of man during sexual arousal.

Walnuts, on the other hand  contain large quantities of zinc, which is key ingredient in production of sperm.

Consumption of this remedy also leads to increase of energy, blood flow and stamina  during intercourse which makes it excellent booster. Wonder of this remedies lays in fact that it boosts production of testosterone and estrogen as well! That means that it should be consumed by both man and women which have low libido and have issues with fertility. So if you are trying to have a children, this is must try combination!

Grind walnuts and in equal amount with honey (preferably  chestnut honey)  mix in one jar. Eat 3 table spoons thrice a day, and in 3-4 weeks treatment period should be over!

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