Nature offers so many various remedies, when combined with Honey it gives solution to most of health issues. Most wanted natural cures are those related to respiratory illnesses. Today, we bring something unexpected, Pine Needles SyrupBronchitis soother! It also works great for pneumonia! Make sure that it is White Pine!

Following syrup is rich with carotene and vitamin C, which makes it great to fight against cold too! Young pine needles have extraordinarily high levels of vitamin C which makes them great to have in your arsenal to fight cold and flue! For this syrup you will need to gather fresh White Pine offspring needles, and use them as soon as possible.

Preparation of Pine Needles Syrup

In clean jar pour layer of raw honey, which you will cover fully with needles. Next layer will be raw honey again. Make sure that final layer is honey again. You can also add few slices of lemon for it’s famous taste. Close lid seal tight and place it somewhere sunny, for period of around 40 days. During this process, it’s wise to keep shifting jar upside down every day. After 40 days you will have strongest pine needle syrup. This syrup is usually made in early spring, while we still have young needles – offspring.

There are other pine needle offspring syrups too, but they include boiling the needles, and adding honey into same water. I do not advise this method, as hot water destroys beneficial properties of honey! Better, prepare it like this as honey is natural cough-suppressant.

If you can not find white pine needles I direct you to other Remedies for cough calming.

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