Paulownia Tomentosa is from genus of Paulownia, from family of Paulowniacae. Tomentosa is an ancient Latin word which means “covered in hair”. This perhaps is the most accurate description of this tree when it’s in full splendor. When Paulownia Tomentosa – Princess Tree is covered with blossoms, her richness reminds of a princess! It simply looks breath-taking! Common names for this delightful treat for honeybees are: Princess tree, Empress tree and Fox-glove tree. It originated from central and western China. I know that this may not be right time to talk about importing anything from China due to the virus. But do know that Paulownia is already spread in the world and you can get it from other locations too. For example, in North America it is already considered persistent exotic invasive specie.

In Japan planting of this tree is a custom of culture. It is planted at birth of a girl. Due to its fast growth it reaches maturity at same time as a girl. By the time they both reach maturity, tree is cut down and offered as dowry to the future husband. Because of its fast growth, at that time it will give lot of good quality wood.

Paulownia Tomentosa – Princess Tree Description

If in case you didn’t understand by now, let me assure you – this is EXTREMELY fast growing tree (16-29 feet per year)! But lets go now into its physical description.

Paulownia Tomentosa- Princess tree grows 10–25 m (33–82 ft) tall, with large heart-shaped to five-lobed leaves 15–40 cm (6–16 in) across, arranged in opposite pairs on the stem.  Its leaves can be mistaken for leaves of catalpa. The very fragrant flowers are produced before the leaves in early spring, on panicles 10–30 cm long, with a tubular purple corolla which is 4–6 cm long resembling a foxglove flower

Considering it’s fast growth and high yield of nectar as well as its tolerance of soil types Princess tree is a very good choice for any apiary! When it comes to nectar, with perfect weather conditions 2,47 acres of this tree gives enough of nectar for Honeybees to produce around 2204 lbs of honey! Honey from Paulownia is bright, soft, of beautiful scent and it is full of bio-active antioxidants.

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