After following this blog for some time, I decided to make my contribution to it. For a while now, I have known of this simple trick, and today I want to share with others too. What I want to share are instructions on how to make natural DIY lip scrub which is very effective and beneficial. I am using it myself. It works great for dry, chapped lips. This DIY (do it yourself) lip scrub is effective and cheap and it is very easy to make it too.

This scrub is very gentle to tender skin of your lips. Best for those all who says “no lip balm could help me”. Its a 100% natural DIY lip scrub which works best and makes your lips soft , pink and plump naturally.

Some main causes of dark lips are direct exposure to sunlight, smoking, excessive caffeine intake and hormonal imbalance. This lip scrub is very effective and will soften the damaged skin, remove the dead skin off. It is very rich antioxidants which gives your protection against ultraviolet lights (UV)which cause damage to your lips.

Making and Application of natural DIY lip scrub

The Vaseline acts as moisturizer sugar acts a exfoliaor and honey keeps exfoliated lips fully healthy and hydrated. Honey have a enzyme which also helps to lighten your lips to naturally rosy color.

You will need following ingredients: 1 small container , 1 tablespoon of sugar, 1 tablespoon honey, 1 teaspoon Vaseline ( petroleum jelly)

• Optional: Red food coloring red blush or any red lip color

Directions: Add honey, sugar and Vaseline together in a container. Then Mix all of them well, until they blend together. If you wish you can add few drops of food coloring, red blush or any red lip color. Gently apply and scrub the mixture every night before bed. Even better if you can apply it few times during the day. Expect first results in few days!

Zainab – United Arab Emirates

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