I could see her from a mile away. An inviting Syringa in bloom showing off its purple hues and beckoning me to come closer. I did of course. I wasn’t immune to her lilac charms. She blossomed and swayed in the light spring breeze fresher than any smell I could have imagined. She was a taste of heaven on earth. Whilst many would be sniffing and sneezing I was instantly attracted to her. The warmth of Helios was bouncing off every surface and I moved myself closer to her. I was in competition with the thousands of others swarming around all vying for her coquettish wiles.

I readied myself, landing gently on her delicate petal, like a gossamer bed and bordered closer, the fine golden flecks sticking to my body. I luxuriated in its sweetness and ingested some, greedily wanting to satiate an appetite almost impossible to satisfy. Spying a cluster heading towards me, I positioned myself ready to take off. I knew I had to find another to visit. I didn’t want to overstay my welcome nor did I want to damage such beauty. It would be selfish of me to take her all in when others wanted part of her too.

Hovering above her standing tall and proud and greedily soaking up every part of the rays coming its way, I saw its brilliant flaxen petals resisting the breeze. Its rigidity assured me I would be welcome. The gold dust still stuck to my body as I went over to this magnificent Helianthus- this admirer of the sun. Its spectacular head- heavy yet firm- provided me with that stability I wanted. I knew I would be safe in its bed.

A thunderous noise descended upon us all, casting long shadows. Large gloved hands holding menacing weapons swung mercilessly across the growth, and I flew in horror as my world came crashing down on me. My nourishment, my loves, the light, the smells and all that was good around me became fodder for some rich man’s greed. I nestled myself on a stump as the weapons continued to slash away at my life and break my beating heart. I felt every chopped stalk, every damaged petal as this bloodless slaughter continued for what seemed like an eternity. By now I knew I had picked the wrong field. I should have guessed the perfect row upon row of assembled were never for me and my hive.

Ghyda Senussi – England
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