It sounds too dreamy, doesn’t it? What if I tell you that it actually became true while back! I have read about it after becomming a beekeeper, but thought to wait for the perfect momment before I share it with you guys. As I believed that I should first help to raise awareness about our tinny heroines. Reason for that is simple. Afterwards, it will be easier to understand this noble move! And here it is, it came, let’s see what is the Morgan Freeman’s 124-acre honeybee ranch.

I believe that most of the people world-wide know who Morgan Freeman is. But due to the chance that some nay not know, here are his very brief background informations.

Morgan Freeman’s Brief Bio

Morgan Freeman (born 1937) is an American actor and film narrator. Freeman won an Academy Award in 2005 for Best Suporting Actor for his performance in Million Dollar Baby (2004). Freeman received Oscar nominations for his performances and has also won Golden Glove Award, as well as Screen Actors Guild Award

Morgan Freeman is also involved in Charity work too. He also is known for proudly giving his contribution to promote racial equality with his witty remarks. Perhaps the best example is when during at interview during a tv show, he said: “I am going to stop calling you a white man and I’m going to ask you to stop calling me a black man.”

During the Baltimore protests over the death of Freddie Gray which are related to police brutality, he was fully supportive of them.

Morgan Freeman’s Honeybee Ranch

Morgan Freeman became interested in Beekeeping back, way back in 2015. His beekeeping adventure started with the awareness of their importance. After which Morgan 26 beehives from Arkansas which he placed on his 124 acre (more than 500.000 square meters) ranch in Mississippi USA. As he stated in famous interview, with cheering live audience, he does not take honey from them at all. Rather due to, what as a beekeeper I understood, lack of available food, he feeds them with sugar syrups. We will not discuss that topic in this article, but those who are interested, can read more about sugar-based feeds here. This was certainly very lovely gesture which i still remember, even today! Thank you very much Morgan, from another beekeeper and a human being!

Trully beautifull and selfless story. Lesson which we all should take from this is, that we should never belittle even tinniest action which helps to raise awareness. Who knows what the end result of it may be! Keep it up and help spread and share awarness all over the world! Thank you all!!

There are more celebrities which became beekeeper though! Read more about another famous celebrity beekeeper here.

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