May is month of intensive honey gathering for honeybees, at least in this part of Europe. For this month we have been preparing since last year! May at Apiary – “Honeymoon” is the honeymoon indeed! It is the month in which Acacia, main nectar-giver in south east Europe blossoms. So what are your main tasks in May at Apiary!?

1. Extract honey which honeybees stashed in supers prior to it, so that nothing ruins quality of Acacia honey.
2. Relocate your colonies to Acacia as close as possible (closer you are, honeybees will waste less time on transporting nectar back to hives)
3. Open the gates! Make sure that entrances to hives are fully open, so that there will not be any traffic jams!
4. Provide absolute peace and let them work!
5. Extraction after honey gets capped

Colonies should be relocated 1 week before acacia starts blossoming, so that honeybees explore and get used to the new environment in time. Direct supers towards morning sun, so that your girls can start working early with first rays of sun. Make sure that you have spare supers which u will add, if in case they need space, else they might swarm.

Wish you all the best! What are “Honeymoons” for you guys, let me know below.

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