As the title says, we came to an end of the calendar of work per months in beekeeping. Title means exactly what it spells out; July – The end of beekeeping season. This of course will vary from place to place, especially in South Globe. But as for “The Old Continent” that’s about it.

In terms of nectar, July is a month which is marked with availability of meadow nectar, as well as linden in higher grounds. Of course, we shouldn’t leave out the sunflower either, which is main source of nectar in this month. Efficient beekeepers will try to use as many different sources as possible every season, as it increases the profit.

Since August is month in which we start preparing our colonies for new calendar year, that makes July crucial month too! More honeybees gather nectar and produce real honey, less is need for beekeeper to supplement them with sugar syrups. If it happens that honeybees are unable to gather enough of nectar, then additional feed in form of syrup should be enhanced with acacia or linden honey.

Beekeepers which will extract some of honey for themselves, should make sure to leave enough for colonies too, and/or supplement them with abundant supplementary feed. More food honeybees have in early spring, stronger colonies will be.

Only AFTER you are done with extraction of honey, you can conduct chemical treatment of varroa. Otherwise it can effect quality of your honey!

Wish you all Better success next time! If you liked reading “July – The End of Beekeeping Season”, then make sure to check other articles about beekeeping.

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