Today you have opportunity to read something unusual, something that readers of this blog didn’t get used to. Little peak through the window of our International Beehive of Knowledge, we bring you our own report graph. We are proud to report to you, that people are visiting this blog from all over the world. Today, there is almost no country in which we did not benefit someone with the knowledge about Beekeeping, Honeybees, Beauty Care or Remedies or Meals (with Honey).

Recently we opened new category in which you, my readers can participate as well! If you have any knowledge about those categories, contribute by sending mail to me! I would like for my readers to give their own contributions, so that data of honey awesomness becomes far greater!

Contact info:

Special thanks to visitors from USA!!! You guys are my main readers, amongst 141 countries. On second place are visitors from UK and third places goes to visitors from India. I appologise for others for not mentioning your countries, but I am aware. 😀

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