Once again we are at beauty care remedy. Guide to grow thicker eyebrows. No matter how much this might sound odd to some people, to other it might be relief. Not all women prefer to pluck their eyebrows thin, some don’t do it at all. One thing is for certain – number of those who regret their over-plucking is increasing. Reason is very simple, over-plucking, waxing, tweezing  and other eyebrow removal  methods can have longer result than one might want it.

This issue on other hand, can be health problem, which effects men too! Reason for that can be numerous: radiation from chemotherapy, as well as hypothyroidism and other medical conditions can lead to thinning of eyebrows. On other hand, this condition can be result of natural processes of body itself, such is nutritional  deficiency or simply due to aging process.

Whatever is reason for  unwanted thinning of eyebrows – don’t despair! Solution is again very simple, cheap and natural!

Natural remedies for this condition are actually rather numerous. Due to the focus of this blog, we will mention on one which is honey based.

Guide to grow thicker eyebrows

This trick is very simple. Whole process of its application lasts around 30 minute.

Preparation and application: For this natural beauty care trick you will need 1/2 of teaspoon of olive oil and few drops of honey. Apply it on your eyebrows and follow it by gentle massage for few minutes. After 30 minutes you can wash off the remedy, but make sure that you use warm water which will melt away honey from your eyebrows – contrary to cold water which will cause honey to harden.

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