Here we are once again in Craft Category. As said in it’s opening there are various types of uses for the Beeswax. Here is one of them. Full instructions for to craft your own Beeswax soap. It will be beautiful experience for all those that never have crafted any soaps by themselves and nice alternative to those that are familiar with this craft. There are few different methods by which you can craft it, but this article will cover Regular one or Cold process. Other methods might be covered in other articles.


Despite it’s shiny name, reality is that you can not make soap from just beeswax. As a matter of fact, only 2% of it’s ingredients will be beeswax. For it, you need multiple other ingredients. Do not get discouraged though, this is very rewarding experience. You will need following ingredients: 62 grams of lye (sodium hydroxide), 124 ml distilled water, 150 grams of refined coconut oil, 25 grams of shea butter, 225 grams of olive oil and 100 grams of sunflower oil. These are ratios for making of 454 grams (1 pound) of soap. Those which are worried about handling lye, use pre-made melt-and-pour soap that has been pre-saponified – this is safer route. Total avoiding of lye is impossible, but at least this way you will not handle it personally. Just make sure to use provided ratios to avoid any problems from handling lye. You can also customize it’s texture, smell and color too.

Texture: oatmeal, ground coffee.
Color: cocoa, ground coffee, spirulina, turmeric, hibiscus, beetroot
Dried herbs: chamomile flowers, calendula, lavander flowers
Essential oils

Process to Craft Beeswax Soap

First step is to combine liquid oils in a bowl and set it aside.

Secondly combine coconut oil and shea butter in frying pan on small stove and put it to side, when it’s just melted. Next step is to handle with lye. Mix it to cool or room temperature water in a sturdy glass container. NEVER add water to lye, but add lye to water.

NEVER use hot water. This mixture will become hot and release steam at first, but keep mixing lye with stainless spoon. Keep mixing until lye dissolves fully. Make sure that you wear goggles and water-proof gloves to avoid possible injuries.

Mix the lye solution until it reaches 105-109 degrees, and mix oils to 105 degrees temperature. Once you finish this step, combine liquid oils with melted butters and other solid ingredients and stir until they fully combine. You wish to bring both mixes to 105 degrees, while you are waiting for lye to cool down to the same.

Once your mixtures temperatures meet at 105 degrees, slowly pour lye mixture into oils. Put it all into immersion blender and blend until it becomes like a pudding/creamy. If you want to add essential oil, now is time. Be fast, before soap cools and hardens.

Quickly transfer it into molds and tap few times to release air bubbles. You can remove it from it’s mold in 2 days. Place on flat and well aired area for 30 days. You will need to flip it few times during this period, so it can properly dry.

Enjoy your soap!

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