Yes, we are all aware of this great advancement in technology, but it may effect our life in too many ways! Despite bringing danger to our health, how does if effect animals on which we are dependent? What is relation between Honeybees and 5G, fifth generation of wireless technology? Most of the beekeepers are on the stance that 5G towers are harmful to Honeybees. Following that stance, I decided to take a look of this topic as well.

Without any doubt 5G will bring us much faster internet speed, and more information could be transferred at once. We already witnessed many positive things, like surgeries over massive distance. But, are we rushing into our doom? Albert Einstein once said that if the bees disappear from surface of the Earth, man would have no more than 4 years to live. Knowing this, and fact that bees are dying at rapid pace, are we really ready for this gamble?? Are we ready to gamble with existence of various flora and fauna as well as our own, just for a faster internet speed?!?! Is it just me, or is that gamble no more than stupidity of mankind fueled undying idea that faster and bigger is always better?

Proper effect of 5G on our ladies will be able to be seen only years after we implement it. Only problem with that is that we do not have that time!! They are dying even without it. Considering all of that, we must rely on studies irrelevant how flawed they might be. Call it a precaution! Better to follow weak study than to lead ourselves into extinction! With that being said, do not worry, there are already multiple studies done on this topic. What we know is that it effects their orientation of flights of honeybees and increases their temperature. We also have a claim that it can lead to massive deaths on honeybees.

Fifth Generation Wireless Technology

Certainly, there will be those who will be cynical and assume that this is just yet another fright from new technology. They might just lightly brush off any request for studies on this new Technology due to previous experiences. But trust me guys, 5G is just something entirely different! It will be cause of exposure to the significantly larger levels of radiation.

So what is the difference between 4G and 5G. Why raising voice now? 5G will dramatically increase exposure to wireless radiation. At start technology will use sub-wave millimeter waves 6-30 GHz, which in future will increase up to 300 Ghz.

Furthermore 5G tech will require not just large phone tower, but small cells (antennae) every 100-500 meters. This will lead to unavoidable exposure to strong wireless radiation. You can read more about 5G on the following link.

Honeybees and 5G Wireless Technology – Studies

We all are aware that videos can be faked. We live in such time that anybody with camera can claim that they have recorded whatever. Nevertheless I share with you video which allegedly is from USA – California.

Besides that, there is growing amount of scientists standing up against 5G tech. That number is not small as 180 scientists from 35 countries signed a recommendation on moratorium of this technology. And overt 26.000 scientists from more than 40 countries have expressed serious concern over implementation of this technology. Reason for that is that 5G tech is cancerous. As dr. Sharon Goldberg while speaking to US senate has said: “Wireless radiation has biological effects. Period.” Furthermore you may search about G5 on any of the following links which are full of studies on the topic. Their studies on the topic of influence of electro-magnetic field on health should be taken into serious consideration, considering of amount of published studies on their sites. – over 100 studies – it alone has over 4000 studies over 23.000 studies

To people which will demand even more evidences that 5G is dangerous for our honeybee’s and our own health, I will direct just one question. What is your evidence that it is safe?? Where are your studies that there is nothing to worry about? Without confirmation that it is safe, this is one terribly risky gamble!

Stay tuned for future updates.

Honeybees and 5G Wireless Technology – Update in 2020

I must admit that I did not pick up this news on time, so I am informing about it in retrospective.

With new year, came new divisions over implementation of 5G WiFi. Despite suffering lot of backlash in 2019 for my stance, 2020 brings some sanity. By the end of January, blogs started publishing headlines which stated that Slovenia postpones implementation of 5G before study on it’s safety. It may be one tinny country, but they showed the spirit to demand study on safety of 5G network.

Reason for this stance were objections of scientists and the general public. The Ministry of Public Administration held a Public Consultation on the Radiation Aspects in Ensuring the Operation of 5G Technologies. A meeting which was originally planned to last 4, elongated to 6 hours. During which The Ministry For Public Administration announced that Slovenia is officially postponing implementation of 5G. Reason for it was no other, than the possibility of health effects of EMFs. From speakers on the meeting were Gregor Kos president of political party Za zdravo družbo (For Healthy Sciety) and Igor Šajn from Building Biology of Slovenia.

March 10th was the date when they brought science experts from all over the world into Slovenian National Council, to participate in whole-day long event about 5G and it’s safety. This event was meant to be broadcasted on national tv.

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