I know that this claim which I made in the headline, on first is very bold. Yes though, I sincerely claim that honey helps with bad breath! It is rather very simple for all of you to test it too – if in case you are doubtful! Having bad breath is actually a medical condition called halitosis. I am going to explain this problem in the paragraph below.

One of the main source of bad breath is the tongue. After meals or even simple snacks food particles remains in the mouth, this develops bacteria on the tongue and around the gums. This bacteria feeds on the food and causes bad breath. It also depends on the food you eat. This is because the type of food you eat affects the air you exhale.

Some people with bad breath might not even know that they have this problem, poor folks might not even know why their friends are avoiding to meet them. There can be many symptoms of bad breath. Sometimes they can be rather obvious. Are your friends offering peppermints to you very often? More often than usual? Believe it or not even some dentists claim that honey for bad breath can be a good option to consider?

In conclusion, do consider taking honey for bad breath. It is very beneficial for other health issues too – as you can see here. I also invite you to visit my YouTube channel to see videos about topics on the blog.

Honey For Bad Breath

There is a common misconception that rinsing your mouth with mouthwash or having pepper mints or chewing gums will solve halitosis. Wrong. Rather, this is a temporary solution, but not permanent one. The permanent solution for bad breath problems is honey! It has been used as a home remedy to cure bad breaths since the time of our grandparents.

Reason for that is that honey possesses powerful anti-microbial properties that helps in killing the bacteria in the mouth. Honey not only destroys bad bacteria but also allows good bacteria to grow. This proves to be very effective in the treatment for bad breath. Honey has this amazing property called hydroscopic properties that deprives bacteria of moisture, which the bacteria requires for hydrating purposes. Thus, stops the multiplication of bacteria. Hopefully now you all understand how honey helps with bath breath problem.

You will probably laugh when you find out how simple is the solution. Simply gently massage honey on your gums 3-5 minutes. Afterwards, put some on your tongue to melt. After couple weeks you will already notice significant improvement. Guaranteed! For those who want even quicker permanent results should opt for second method which requires cinnamon as well. Simply mix honey with cinnamon in 2:1 ratio in lukewarm water. Consume in morning and evening.

Due not neglect bad oral hygiene and healthy lifestyle either. Stay safe!

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