In first part of this article, we mentioned some of basic characteristics of different types of honey, and their health benefits. Those types of honey were: Acacia honey, Linden honey, Mountain Honey, Forest honey and Chestnut honey. In this sequel we proceed with new types of honey and their characteristics. Health Benefits of different Honey types goes as follows.

Mountain Honey

Mountain honey has strong anti-bacterial effect even after being diluted 1:150. As a natural cure, worldwide it is used as treatment for various illnesses. This Honey has benefits with respiratory ilnesses, as well as to disinfection of wounds and skin sores. Moreover, herbalists use it to make remedies for gynecological issues too.

Buckwheat Honey

Buckwheat honey is considered to be one of healthiest honey types, being very rich in minerals and anti-oxidants. It is known by darkest color and strong flavor. Buckwheat honey is strongly recommended to anemic people and as help for cough. Small children should take just 1 teaspoon before sleep.

Quickthorn Honey

Quickthorn honey is known by variety of names because tree itself has many names, of which some are: Crataegus, Whitethorn, Hawthorn, Maybush Mayblossom. Honey usually is of brownish color. It’s mainly advised as a beneficial food for various types of heart issues. Honey is known to lower the blood pressure, damaged heart muscle or its inflammation. Also quickthorn honey is advised to be used by people suffering from angina pectoris and atherosclerosis.

Dandelion Honey

Dandelion honey has distinct yellow color and it crystallizes fast. Consuming it eases consequences of liver diseases such as: colelitiasis, colecistitis and cirosis. Appart from liver diseases, dandelion honey also helps with stomach diseases: constipation, colitis and gastritis.

Sunflower Honey

Sunflower honey is distinct yellow color, flavor and taste. Despite being one of valued types of honey, it is characterized with fast crystallization properties. It is recommended to elderly people which need extra energy, as well as to children. Sunflower honey is known to have positive effect to patients with heart and respiratory issues. It is also used to speed up healing of wounds.

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