There are literally dozens of recipes and ailments that are based on honey in combination with  various herbs and their substracts or products. Not just that, but there are as equally as much  of various beauty care mixtures made from honey. But is there such a thing like a hair growth mask on base of honey? Yes, there is. Doing little bit research about how honey could benefit your hair I have stumbled on various answers and combinations.

First what I will share with you is a mask which stimulates growth of hair and makes it stronger. Ingredients are very easy to find, and are available just about anywhere, around the world. Only ingredients which you need are honey which is known to boost hair growth, and olive oil which is known as natural conditioner that boosts hair health.

How to make hair growth mask?

Process of make hair growth mask is very simple, really. It’s application is as simple as well. Just follow these instructions below.

Blend in half of cup of honey with 1/4th of cup of olive oil and heat it up in microwave for about 30 seconds. Take out mixture and after it cools down add 1/4th cup of buttermilk  and stir.


Apply mixture  evenly all over your hair. Leave the honey mask on for about 30 minutes. Wear a plastic cap to prevent dripping. Rinse out the mask with cool/lukewarm water and shampoo.

Repeat this procedure 2-4 times per month.

Since honey can lead to bleaching of your hair in longer term uses, I advise to take a closer look just too make sure that you wouldn’t overdo your treatments. Do not forget, if you liked this article check out our other beauty care tips on our blog. You might like other simple, natural tricks too!

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