Golden Honey is made with turmeric. Turmeric (curcumin) is known as being a spice used in kitchen, but is also very beneficial. Turmeric also is a strong antioxidant with strong anti-inflammatory and anti-cancerogenic properties. About its benefits it would be sufficient to say that it is used in over 150 therapeutic activities. Furthemore, it destroys bacteria that causes diseases while not leaving any negative effects on intestine micro flora.

Golden honey is the strongest, natural antibiotic known to mankind today. Natural Remedy that’s helping to numerous conditions and diseases, from treating common cold to lowering blood sugar levels. It is certified as strongest natural anti-biotic by Ayuverda. Moreover, it increases activity of beneficial bacteria in the gut, leading to improved digestion. Bottom line is that it will definitely boost your immune system!

Preparation and use of Golden Honey

3.5 oz (100 grams) of raw organic honey
1 tablespoon of turmeric powder

Add 1 full tablespoon of turmeric in 100 grams of real, natural, raw honey. You can make bigger dosages as well, just follow this ratio. Mix the combination well until it becomes smooth.

To be taken at the first symptoms of a cold:
First day take half a teaspoon of the mixture every hour. Second day take half a teaspoon of the mixture every two hours. And from the third day take half a teaspoon of the mixture three times a day.

Keep the mixture in your mouth until it is completely dissolved. Usually, after three days, the cold subsides and the body recovers. If it is too much for you, take less than it, it will work that way as well. I personally use this mixture for myself to prevent cold and cough as my first choice. Being tolerant to turmeric, I am comfortable to take bigger doses. To others I would suggest to stick to the given recipe.

Additional tips:

According to Indo-Tibetan medicine, using Golden honey in relation to your meals would have huge difference. Tips go as follows;

Before meal – excellent for throat and lungs.
During meal – excellent for digestive system.
After meal – excellent for colon and kidneys.

Finally Golden honey also excellent home remedy for hemophilia and hypertension. It reduces blood sugar levels and lowers blood pressure.

Warning: If you are using any kinds of medicine consult your doctor first, so that it wouldn’t aggravate any of symptoms. Furthermore if you are suffering from gallbladder disease, then turmeric is not for you because it cause muscle contractions of gallbladder.

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