What is lipoma and how to Get rid of Lipoma? Lipoma is a benign tumor made of fat tissue and are located in most of cases just under the skin. It can be located on different places, such as head, arm, neck, armpit, abdomen. Generally, they are soft to touch, movable, painless and do not show correlation with future risk of cancer. Even though it does not represent danger in itself, it is certainly very annoying and troublesome, with tendency to grow!

In most cases, people chose to surgical remove it. Some people are scared of surgery, others do not seem point to it, due to returning of lipoma. Before you decide to go under knife, I suggest you to try one of following, natural solutions!

Get Rid of Lipoma – Natural Treatments

Mix up equal amount of flour  and honey. Apply 0.2-0.4 inch thick layer  (0.5-1.0cm) of mixture and fixate it with patch. This procedure should be repeated every 36 hours for next 5 days. Lipoma should fully disappear after you are done with this treatment, or it lose on it’s size significantly.

Other treatment gives very good results for lipomas on abdomen, arms and legs. But it is just for those who are not allergic to bee venom! All you have to do is to sting lipoma with 2 honeybees. Honeybee venom should dissolve lipoma fully during following week!

Third treatment is by propolis drops. Simply keep applying few drops of propolis every day. Treatment should be done within several days!
There you go, three easy, natural solutions to lipoma issue! I

Hopefully, one of these 3 treatments would be applicable and successful to you. Just make sure that you are NOT allergic to the mentioned cures. Be especially careful with third treatment, as bee venom can be deadly to some people.

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