In this article i present to youGallstones and Biliary Sand Remedy, fully natural. Gallstones and biliary Sand are usually detected by ultrasound of abdomen. Biliary sand is earlier stage, which would (if not successful treated) lead to formation of gallstones. Most common components of biliary sand are cholesterol crystals and calcium salts and it is very similar to that of gallstones. Although 80% of people  with gallstones and biliary sand do not have any symptoms, it should be noted that symptoms of both are similar and include pain in abdomen, nausea and vomiting, particularly after a fatty meal.

Having a gallstones within gallbladder can lead to severe complications, such are:  blockade of bile duct, inflammation, infection of bile duct, jaundice and others. Pain from bile duct blockade can sometimes last up to five hours. When complications occur, surgical removal of gallbladder if recommended as a typical solution.

How to make Gallstones and Biliary Sand Remedy

Of course, without trying to go against medical knowledge, I would like to offer natural remedy which is known to help dissolve bile sand and gallstones. Important is that ingredients are, of course, natural and without pesticides or other chemicals. For the following remedy you will need 1kg (2,2 lbs) of honey, 4 lemons and 2dl (0.84 US cup) of virgin olive oil.

Make sure to wash and cleanse lemon before using it, but do not peel it off. Blend it together with olive oil then add honey to it, if your blender is strong enough, blending all ingredients at once would be better option. Use 1 tablespoon per day is enough. If this remedy works for you, results should be visible on your next ultrasound.
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