By now, we are all very much aware that honey is very nutritional substance. So much so that it’s nutrition is valuable and effective in treating outter appearance of our bodies too. One of it’s amazing applications is to treat scars on skin. In that sense, you can fade scars naturally with honey. That is just one more addition to using it for facial beauty care.

Honey is unlikely to cause any allergic reaction. Knowing this, using this trick to treat scars naturally with honey should be safe for all.

While the researches on the healing deeper scars show that honey may be ineffective, it certainly helps with shallow scars. This includes scars from acne too.

According to Carly Stein, founder of Beekeeper’s Naturals honey helps in treating scars. Stein recommends, if in case you want to treat your scars to use buckwheat honey as it is very high in antioxidants. Furthermore, for better effect Stein suggests using honey infused with Propolis. Reason for that is that Propolis is anti-inflammatory substance. For those who do not know, Propolis is another product of Honeybees. They make it from herbal oils and tree sap. Propolis infused buckwheat honey can help with stretch marks and skin olorstion as well!

Fade scars with honey

Believe it or not procedure is very simple. It can be said too simple. As explained above, your best choice would be buckwheat honey, but of course manuka honey will do pretty well too. If possible, make sure to buy yourself propolis infused honey.

To fade your scars naturally with honey first wash your face and then apply raw honey on part of skin which you want to treat. Repeat this procedure once a day, prefferavly at night, before bed. Rinse it out in morning. If honey is too sticky for you, you can dilute it with lukewarm water, but for better efficiency, you should apply it as it is.

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