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This category will cover up, trees and plants which are useful for honeybees either for nectar or pollen or other purposes. Dianthus barbatus (Turkish carnation or Sweet William) has honor to be first beneficial plant in our new category. Name “Sweet William” first appeared in garden catalogue of botanist John Gerard in 1596.

Dianthus barbatus – turkish carnation is native to southern Europe and partially Asia. Due to its beauty it became decorative addition in gardens around these 2 continents. This beautiful flower is parennial, short-lived plant. It grows from 13cm to 90 cm (5 inches to 3 feet) in height. It’s blossoms grow in clusters (up to 30) per stem, and they can be red, pink, white, purple or in combinations. Flowers are edible and might have medicinal properties. This beautiful flower is great source of pollen for honeybees. Besides honeybees Sweet William will attract birds and butterflies too, which will beautify your garden even more! If you practice stationary beekeeping in your backyard, this plant will be great addition to your garden !

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