Drinking tea has been one of original relaxation customs of mankind. But how many people make combinations of honey and tea? There are some really great combinations which boost effects of teas even more! Different cultures developed different customs and traditions when it comes to drinking tea. In the western hemisphere people of United Kingdom are perhaps most known for drinking it. But, it is included in cultures of whole planet through different periods of time.

As mentioned in previous articles, different types of honey have different types of effects on our bodies. As most of us get anxious, insomniac, stressed, and as such this knowledge will become very useful.

Great Combinations of Honey and Tea

These combinations are easy and fast to make. This makes them available for any part of the day, irrelevant from meals. You can drink them when you are on break from work too.


First combination is focused to treat problem with insomnia and help you to sleep. There are multiple teas that treat this issue. I personally would suggest to make tea from lavender, valerian root or chamomile. To further increase effect of tea from them, add 1-2 tablespoon of acacia honey. Honey type which you want to use is acacia honey as is good relaxant that helps us sleep better.


Second issue is another very common problem of today. Anxiety is very often cause for insomnia with which it tends to go hand-in-hand. What’s good is that, combinations which treats insomnia is mainly as same as that which treats anxiety. Tea which you want to make is from one of following herbs: Peppermint (Mentha piperita), chamomile, lavender, kava or gotu kola. As a sweetener use acacia or golden rod honey.


Stress, it sounds so normal now, doesn’t it? Nevertheless how much often we are stressed we should actually struggle against it. Following combinations hopefully will be useful in that. Sweeten peppermint, chamomile, passion flower tea or green tea with few tablespoons of sage honey.

Tiredness and Lack of Energy

Physical and mental work wears us out, it gives us uneasy feeling of fatigue and tiredness. At that time all we really need is good rest. But here are good combinations that will give you boost your energy and help you continue with your day. Make yourself cup of green tea, black tea licorice tea or ginger tea. For sweetener use honey from amorpha fruticosa (false-indigo bush).

All of those teas are functional on their own, but with these types of honey will become strong boosters!

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