Climate changes are certainly becoming increasingly more visible with every passing year. Change of temperature and amount of rainfall on yearly level is slowly changing look of nature around us. Some plants and trees are unable to blossom, some are withering and some are blossoming out of season, or even twice per year!

How do Climate Changes effect honeybees though? On multiple levels!

Firstly, let us keep in mind that nature (honeybees too) does not care about calendar. Nature just follows its seasons, which are dictated by temperature, rain and sun. As soon as those conditions are fulfilled plants and animals react to it, as if that season of year came. Unstable seasons leads to disturbance of natural cycles of plants; such are growth phase, blossoming phase, fruiting phase.

Since honeybees visit various plants for their nectar and pollen, climate changes endanger them. When blossoms appear, on a good sunny day with high temperature, instead of resting, winter honeybees will work! Even if by calendar it is WINTER, or close to it! Some may wonder, why is this a bad thing? Well, it will prompt winter honeybee which should be resting inside hives and staying clustered onto gathering flights and work.
As a chain reaction, honeybees will dismiss their cluster which protects the hive from cold. Even queen might elongate laying of eggs, which as result leads to diminishing reserves of stockpiled honey for winter.

Then again, sudden drop of temperature to expected temperature of this month, might come surprisingly, catching entire colonies unprepared and out of cluster. That’s why it’s important to not allow that sunny weather and high temperatures, out of season do not trick you! Make sure that you prepared your colonies for winter. Make sure that sudden drop of temperature outside wouldn’t cause too much temperature drop inside hive, by warming them up.

On the other hand, keep in mind that varroa and other pests are also following natural cycles. Due to changed climate, struggle with pests may last longer than its expected. These all are possible effects of climate changes for this time of year. Of course effects will be different in different months.

Do not be afraid to adapt yourself to the climate change! Do not be scared to drift away from calendar of work. Simply adjust to work on your apiary to the climate changes. But do it only if you are experienced enough and following advice of experienced  beekeepers in your area.

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