Radish cultivation can be traced back to ancient Egypt. Evidence for it’s cultivation we find on illustrations on the tombs. These illustrations show that different types of radish were cultivated. Generally, radish may be not used much in our daily menu, except perhaps as salad. This article might change that. As for the Black radish, it originated from region of today’s Syria. In this article we bring you great remedy with Black radish and honey.

Black Radish does contains little fat, but it is rich in important vitamins and minerals. Besides that, it has good anti inflammatory qualities. This amazing vegetable is very efficient in calming down inflammation of respiratory system. Furthermore, black radish dilutes mucus which appears as result of inflammation.

Preparation and use of Black Radish and Honey Remedy

Slice off top of radish and drill upper part of it’s middle. Make sure that you do not drill too deep, or too wide. It’s walls must stay strong, to prevent leakage. In it hole put spoon of honey, preferably acacia honey as it is great for this purpose. Do not fill up to the top, as honey will extract juice of radish into it too. Cover the radish with it’s sliced-off top to prevent any dirt to go into it. After 24 hours black radish will release it’s juice into honey and form another powerful, natural remedy for cough.

You should consume 3-4 table spoons of this mixture daily, until your cough/throat issues end. Process of putting honey in it can be repeated until you see that black radish has fully shriveled. Then, if needed repeat procedure with another black radish. Make sure that you put it’s end inside the glass, to prevent leakage.

Black radish should not be consumed by people which have duodenal ulcer. People which have digestive problems should cut black radish on small peaces as it is hard to digest.

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