Title might be sound little bit like a cliche on first sight, but let me clear that misconception in following article. When somebody mentions how valuable and precious bees are to mankind, majority automatically think about honey and pollination. Yes, without pollination for which bees are responsible most of humanity would die due to starvation, but aim of this article is to cover far more Benefits of Honeybees. This article is attempt to write about all known health benefits, of which we know today. It doesn’t stop there, but explain other, less known benefits too.

Starting From Less Known Benefits of Honeybees

Honey is product of bees which humans have used for longest period of time, and it’s probably most known benefit which we get from honeybees. Today, it  is used as a healthy sweetener, instead of sugar worldwide. Less known fact is, that due to it’s antibacterial quality, honey is actually excellent choice for treatment of wounds. It is also great antioxidant and antiseptic, because of which it’s has wide specter of medical uses. Honey also causes wounds to heal faster. Though it has more calories than sugar when consumed with warm water, it helps reduce weight (in combination with lemon juice). Honey is rich vitamins and minerals which make it a great energy booster (more than 4 times more calories than sugar),  which increases athletic performance with athletes.

Pollen is also known as spark of life. It is essential for honeybees as it is part of their daily diet, without which they would starve. For humanity, pollen is great nutritional food which contains vitamins:  A, B complex, C, D, E, H, folic acidruthenium and plenty more. It also can contain up to 29 various minerals, over 50 different enzymes. Should be avoided by those who are allergic to it, and by men with prostate issues.

Royal jelly in colony is fed to all larvae up to three days old. From grown up bees royal jelly is food which is served only to queen of colony. It’s benefits are also numerous. Besides containing beneficial probiotics and being advised by beekeepers and herbalists as good choice to counter seasonal allergies, its also helps patients suffering from Alzheimer. It is also used in treatment of osteoporosis as well as male infertility, as it directly effects motility, quality  and quantity of sperm.

Propolis or bee glue is a resinous mixture that honeybees produce by mixing saliva and beeswax with exudate gathered from tree buds, sap flows, or other botanical sources. It is used as a sealant for unwanted open spaces in the hive. I personally preffer alcohol free propolis, prepeared with olive oil. Just like with previously mentioned benefits of other honeybees products propolis is also known as highly anti-bacterial substance. Propolis boosts death of prostate cancer cells and kills colon cancer cells. If it happens that honeybees can not take out killed impostor from out of the super (for example killed rat) they will wrap it with propolis which will prevent spreading of bacteria. It’s composure varies from region to region. Typical” northern temperate propolis has approximately 50 constituents, primarily resins and vegetable balsams (50%), waxes (30%), essential oils (10%), and pollen (5%). It can be used for lowering blood pressure, in treatment of allergies and bone diseases. Furthermore, it protects injured teeth and can be helpful in treatment of warts.

Beebread is main diet of almost all honeybees (except queen and larvae up to third day). It is mixture of pollen and honey in various ratios.It is few-several times stronger than fresh pollen. Besides combining benefits of honey and pollen, it also has some of its own unique benefits. It can be used in treatment of hepatitis and heart and blood circulation diseases.

Beeswax is produced  by younger honeybees by their glands. Besides being edible to extent that many of us preffer honey with honeycomb, it also has less known health benefit. Wax seals of cells filled with ripe honey is used for treatment of conditions related with respiratory system.

Beehive air treatment is becoming more popular as time passes by and it is not a surprise at all. By inhaling a warm beehive air, through a special breathing mask, we consume these precious substances, which have a medicinal effect on a series of conditions. Hive air contains ingredients that boost the body healing capacity. Air, saturated with essential fragrances, helps people with the following conditions: allergies, asthma, bronchitis, chronic lung diseasechronic headaches, migranes, depression, respiratory tract infections, weakened immune system, and plenty more.

Venom as a word sounds scary, but it also has plenty of benefits. Currently on market is worth more than gold! It is used today by pharmaceutics and beauty care products. Although no randomized double-blind studies exist to verify such claims, the AAS website has a number of other testimonials, attributing healing and abatement of symptoms to bee venom. In addition to pain relief, individuals claim that bee venom has helped with multiple sclerosis, shingles, burns, tendinitis and infections. Some even testify that bee venom helped with acne, psoriasis, and scarring from skin cancer.

Since many people today are dangerously allergic to some of bee products, making sure that you are not allergic on any of the mentioned bee products is a must. But since humanity in current times is turning more and more to old, almost forgotten, natural treatments for their conditions and diseases. This article is aiming to help those who started their quest for knowledge.

This article has educational role, but it does not advise to substitute your current therapies with those mentioned in the article. If you liked “Befits of Honeybees” article read more at about Honeybees on our blog.

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