World Of Honeybees

Welcome to the World Beehive of Knowledge. We raise awareness because Honeybees lives matter!

About Us

Hello! Welcome to our international hive! We are beekeeping family from region of Balkan (South East Europe). We are not just beekeepers  with developing and growing apiary, but we also take huge interest in discovering and sharing natural remedies.  What is better cure for any illness or condition than natural cure? Hence, this blog is here to share everything about honeybees and their benefits to mankind. Do not forget, you are always welcome to add your contribution to our worldwide hive! If you have any experience with honeybees or anything related to our blog’s topic, which you would like to get published on our  blog, write your story and mail it to me!

We hope that information provided on blog is useful and informative to you. Either way, you’re all welcome to our hive and to benefit from  it!

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